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In Which The Day Was Sunny

November 4, 2015

It is a gorgeous November day here in Cleveland, sunny and warm. Given that we often have rain and snow and cold and mud by this point in the year, I’m loving it!

Spent the morning catching up on election returns…I admit the election this year felt pretty anticlimactic, as I voted by mail about a week ago. No real surprises, although I was happy to see the marijuana issue fail (the last thing Ohio needs is yet another constitutionally-sanctioned monopoly, given how mediocre the casinos have been). I finished reading Jim Butcher’s new book, The Aeronaut’s Windlass (more on that in another post), and have been slowly working my way through a tricky section of my fourth dissertation chapter. There’s some yardwork and laundry also waiting for me, although I admit to being less than enthused about that, especially as I picked up two Stephanie Laurens (blink and there’s another Cynster finding love!) novellas and the new Nora Roberts (Stars of Fortune) from the library this morning.

I’ve also been working on a cross stitching project (from this book), the first I’ve attempted in about three years. I’ve forgotten just how much I liked doing cross stitch, actually. I feel like I keep rediscovering parts of me lately now that I’ve been less stressed. Exciting, that!


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