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Elizabeth Salem

I am a Ph.D., historian, writer, researcher, wife, mother, Trekker, geek, feminist, television addict, Steampunk, spiritual wanderer, and devourer of novels. I’m thinking of adding “Independent Scholar” to that list. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, with my husband, daughter, son, and two rambunctious cats.

I hold a doctorate in History from Case Western Reserve University. My research focuses on the nineteenth-century United States, women’s history, and the history of medicine. My dissertation, “Gendered Bodies and Nervous Minds: Creating Addiction in America, 1770-1910,” examines how Americans understood and portrayed substance abuse from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century. I also earned a Master of Arts in History from CWRU and a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Political Science from Notre Dame College. (For more on my professional accomplishments, my CV and resume can be found here.)

I do have a set of policies for this blog regarding posts, copyright, comments, and book reviews, which can be found here.

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