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Last updated: October 16, 2016

Book Review Policy

While this blog is, first and foremost, my personal online platform, I do review books frequently and in recent months have received an increasing amount of review requests. Consequently, I feel that a review policy is in order.

Submission of a review request to this website assumes that you have read and agreed to this policy.

The vast majority of the books that I review come from my personal collection, my public library, or requests to publishers that I make on NetGalley. I have, on occasion, reviewed books that I won through an author’s newsletter contest or a Goodreads giveaway.

I accept review requests from authors or publicists. I will review self-published books, but will hold them to the same standard that I would a traditionally published book. This means that if I think that your formatting is sloppy, your writing needs editing, or your cover is awful, I will say so.

In general, I tend to rate most of what I read around three stars on Goodreads. I will post highly negative reviews if I feel that it’s warranted, so if you are looking for an automatic four- or five-star review from me filled with fluff, sunshine, and rainbows, you may want to look elsewhere. (If I love your book, however, I may provide some sunshine and rainbows…)

I post reviews to this blog, to Goodreads, to Twitter, and to NetGalley (if applicable). I do not post reviews to Facebook as my page there is private for friends and family. I do not post to Amazon as I find the reviews there to be of dubious quality. Any requests to post reviews on Facebook or Amazon will be refused.

Please be aware that I will only respond to review requests for books that I find interesting. I will not guarantee if I will review the book or how quickly I will review the book. I will not accept requests to have the book reviewed by a specific date. This blog is one of several hobbies and something I maintain for fun, not a full time job.

I prefer to receive requests via the contact form on this blog or via email (elizabethannsalem [at] gmail [dot] com).

I end each book review with a statement giving the source of the book reviewed. I will disclose if I have a personal or online relationship with the book author, or if the book was won in a contest or giveaway.

I accept both hard copy and ebooks. I prefer to read ebooks on my Kindle Fire (.mobi), but I will also accept .pdf or .epub

I read primarily in the genres of:

History (both fiction and nonfiction)
Romance (I prefer Historical, Regency, and Paranormal)
Sci-Fi (but not so much Fantasy)

I have a Ph.D. in History, so be aware that if you send me a nonfiction book, particularly in the field of History, I will evaluate it according to my academic training.

I do not host blog tours, author interviews, or guest posts, largely as I do not have time to commit to the necessary scheduling.

After reviewing, I keep, delete, or donate ARCs. I will never sell an ARC.


I take copyright and intellectual property very seriously. If I quote from your book or website, it will be attributed and cited appropriately. Please do not copy or quote from any of my reviews or other blog posts without my written permission. Contact me via the form on this blog or at elizabethannsalem [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions.


All comments to this blog are moderated. Because Internet.

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